1. Students are expected to know the parts of the microscope and their functions (GO)
  2. Students are expected to demonstrate care, focusing techniques and safety concerns (GO)
  3. Prepare, stain and observe a wet mount of a specimen (GO)


2. More to come soon    [top]

3.  The following are instructions for preparing a wet mount of of onion epithelium    [top]

  1. Add one drop of water to a slide
  2. Carefully use a razor blade and/ or forceps to obtain a sample of onion epithelium
  3. Place the onion on the slide into the water drop
  4. Apply the cover slip using the 45o angle technique


A.          B.      C.


  1. Apply a single drop of stain in the center, on one edge of the cover slip


  1. Using paper-towel or tissue paper, draw the stain into the wet mount by placing it on the opposite edge of the cover slip, as previously explained


A.         B.


  1. View specimen under low power on the light microscope.